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Gordon Gray Memorial BuDu Championship & Multiple Event Discount
Wednesday - September 14, 2016
BuDu Headquarters
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To register for a multiple event discount, please click here: Signmeup

You can register for 3, 4, 5, 6 passes. Please email Info@BuDuRacing.com when you register, and you will be sent a discount code to use to register. If you are not certain which events at this time, but know which pass you want, let us know when you register. We can work with you.

Mjolnir Cycles

Mjolnir Cycles In 2016 we have an exciting new part to the series. If you compete in the Mt Rainier Du, Bonney Lake Triathlon and Lake Stevens Triathlon, your name will be placed in a "hat" to be drawn from randomly. The name drawn will receive a fully custom made steel bike frame and fork, made for their fit and intended feel and use, powder coated and completely prepped to be built into a complete bike, free of charge. Can not get much easier than that. And what a great prize. Check out their website at: Mjolnir Cycles

Can I use the Multiple event Discount with a Team Discount?

Unfortunately, you have to use one or the other. However, this discount is greater than the team discount.

What is the price of the passes?

    3 Pass    4 Pass    5 Pass    6 Pass 
Pass Cost $159 $208 $255


Total Savings $36 $52 $70


Savings/Event $12 $13 $14


This pass is based on our base rate of $65 for a sprint triathlon, the online registration fee is not included and it does not cover the fee, when the event goes to regular pricing. 

What events can I use this for?

Date Event
5/1/16 Mt Rainier Duathlon
5/30/16 Spring Festival Triathlon/Duathlon
6/11/16 Moses Lake Triathlon
7/23/16 Ellensburg Triathlon
9/3/16 Bonney Lake Triathlon
9/10/16 Lake Stevens Triathlon

Once purchased, how do I register for my events?

You probably noticed that you did not sign a waiver, or put in too much information about yourself. That is because you still need to register for the events you want to compete in. Once you get your confirmation email, please forward the email to Info@BuDuRacing.com. You will get an email with a discount code (once it is programmed to each event), and then you can register. This is a manual process, so it may take a couple of days. If you do not receive an email after 2 days, please resend the email.

What is included in this pass?

The base fee of the sprint (short course) triathlon is covered with this payment, and all the normal items that you receive with registration. Items that are of an additional cost (ie shirts) are not included in this price. If you are competing in the Long Course (Olympic) you will need to pay the additional $10 (plus tax) fee

What is not included in this pass?

If you are planning on doing a long course event, there will be an additional $10 charge (this is our standard charge for long course events). Also, for the Mount Rainier Duathlon, with it being a USA Triathlon National Long Course Event, the registration price is a bit more than normal, so that additional amount would need to be covered by the participant. For the USAT one day license, it is the responsibility of the athlete to pay the fee, or be a active registered member.


BuDu Racing, LLC works with participants who have a legitimate refund requests. For this series pass, it becomes more problematic, so it will be handled on a case by case basis. Passes can not be transferred to other participants. Please email Info@BuDuRacing.com if you need to request a refund. 

What is the BuDu Championship?

At the request of a number of BuDu participants, we are creating a Championship Series. It will recognize the top age graded winner of the series, for both male and female and Olympic and Sprint distance.

How is the Championship Scored?

This means that, a ranking number for the event will be multiplied by the overall time for the participant, giving a score for the participant. So, just because you are the fastest finisher, you may not be the top Age Group Ranked Finisher for the Championship! This age grade ranking is only for the CHAMPIONSHIP. The following is the criteria for scoring:

For Sprint (Short Course):

  1. Participate in at least 3 events
  2. Average of best 3 events
  3. Winners scored by Gender
  4. Top 3 are BuDu Champions!

For Olympic (Long Course):

  1. Participate in at least 2 events
  2. Average of best 2 events
  3. Winners scored by Gender
  4. Top 3 are BuDu Champions!

What does the winner get?

In 2015, we gave a way a great jackets again and passes for the 2016 season. We will do something similar again. There is not an additional cost to do this.

2015 Champs

FAQ's from Gordon:

What is Age-Graded Percentages/Times?  Age-Graded Percentages and Times are adjusted so that they may be compared for all ages and genders.  Times are adjusted to reflect what one could theoretically achieve at their prime(early 20s) and percentages are calculated so that performances can be compared across both age and gender.

How are the adjustments to the percentages calculated? Previous years USA Triathlon(USAT) rankings at the 5th percentile for each age group is use to as a basis for age-graded calculations.  Therefore, a male age 35 at the 5th percentile would have a similar percentage as a female age 50.  Similarly, athletes performing at other percentiles should have similar percentages across age groups.  Since most age groups have over 1,000 athletes ranked, there is enough data for reasonable accuracy.  However, in older(70+) and younger(15-) age groups there are fewer athletes ranked, so in some cases the 5th percentile ranking was adjusted.

How can you compare different triathlon events when the courses and conditions are all different? Unlike age-grading certified running road races the triathlon courses can be unpredictable.  Therefore, to compare different races, USAT rankings are again used.  Each race is ranked according to competitors previous rankings compared to their race day performance.  The rankings for the event are used to calculate the adjusted time and percent.  Using this method, different races can be compared with a percentage variance usually within 3%.

I had a faster time than someone in my age group, but he had a higher percentage than me.  How come?   He was probably older than you.  The age adjusted percents are based on age, not age group.  For a group such as 35-39 there is not much variance, but in an older age group(65+), the older athlete will have more of an upward percentage adjustment.

How do I interpret the percentages? Using the track and field Class nomenclature, the following may be used as a guideline:
  Over 95% – World Class
  Over 85% – National Class(near the 10th percentile of USAT rankings)
  Over 75% – Regional Class
  Over 65% – Local Class

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