BuDu Racing, LLC is celebrating 18 years of event promoting. Starting in 2002 with multi-sport events, then expanding to mountain bike and road cycling events and finally Chip Timing. We enjoy getting out and sharing our love for fitness with so many people. Our goal is to encourage people to have fun, while competing in a safe environment, and we know that is happening.

BuDu Notes
Beat the Virus Virtual Event Challenge

Register for the Beat the Virus Virtual Event Challenge and keep yourself active during this time. This is a 3 week series, and the first week ends on Sunday at 11:59---So get registered. You can pick what event you want to do, what distance and then you just need to do it and post your time. It is all in fun!! Well, friendly bantering between folks is encouraged. smile Social distance is required for this though.sealed

Beat the Virus

The link for posting your results is located here:

Week 1 = Beat the Virus Virtual Event Challenge Results

Week 2 = Beat the Virus Virtual Event Challenge Results

COVID-19 Update

As I have emailed, all events are postponed or canceled until at least April 24. We are communicating with our permiter's regarding dates where we can have the events, but currently we are at a standstill. We hope that you and your family/friends are doing well.


If you did not recieve the email, please click this link (PLEASE EMAIL ME) to register for the emails that I send out.