BuDu Racing, LLC is celebrating 16 years of event promoting. Starting in 2002 with multi-sport events, then expanding to mountain bike and road cycling events and finally Chip Timing. We enjoy getting out and sharing our love for fitness with so many people. Our goal is to encourage people to have fun, while competing in a safe environment, and we know that is happening.
BuDu Notes
Moses Lake Triathlon and Runs
Hope you had a great time today at the Moses Lake Triathlon. The weather, was better than the forecast, and it was fun to watch people finish the event. As usual, we are blessed to have great Volunteers/Helpers, who include people from Lake City Foursquare Church, Moses Lake HS Key Club, Moses Lake Parks and Rec, Moses Lake HS Cheer Squad, Rod Richeson, Bryan Brosious, Moses Lake Police department, Grant County Sheriff department, Francois, and the JDRF (Susan & Jim). Thanks so much to each of you and especially Paul Hill who coordinated all the volunteers. All that we do is only because of the great people who are helping us!
Thanks for being part of a great day!!Results from the Dash for a Cure and Pure Country 4H 5k and 10k runs including finisher certificates and finish videos are posted at: Fun Run Results
Results from the Triathlon/Duathlon including splits (for Olympic and Sprint), finisher certificates and video finishes (for most of the Olympic) are posted at: Moses Lake Triathlon Results
Photos (thanks to Angel from Moses Lake HS Key Club) from today are available here: Facebook Photos