BuDu Racing, LLC is celebrating 19 years of event promoting. Starting in 2002 with multi-sport events, then expanding to mountain bike and road cycling events and finally Chip Timing. We enjoy getting out and sharing our love for fitness with so many people. Our goal is to encourage people to have fun, while competing in a safe environment, and we know that is happening.

BuDu Notes
Something fun!
The company where Deanna was working during the pandemic does some fun things. Here are a couple of items that are available for purchase. They are laser engraved. There are also some shirts and sweatshirts available. 
BuDu Mugs
BuDu will get a small commission from the sales, but I really just did it because people always ask us if we have products available. There are shirts and hoodies as well. The tall mug is $30 and the tumbler is $22. They will be shipped to you directly.
Check it out:
Also, for the Mountain Bike Group, we have made a store of some of the items we have available, so check it out. We have two more events left, and I can bring the items to the event if you want to purchase them. For example we have these coaster. We also have a couple of shirts, waterbottles, scarves and such.