Frequently Asked Questions

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Packet Pick Up
What do I do with all the stuff in my packet? (for tri & du events)

Well there are a few things to do -

  • Read through the information sheet! (and look at course map)
  • Get your bib number ready to attach to your person during the run (safety pins should be included). MAKE sure it's visible and forward facing when you run!!
  • Attach your bike number to your bike.
  • Read through the information sheet!!!!
  • Make sure you have your swim cap (for triathlons) ready for the swim!
  • Keep track of your timing chip - and make sure its firmly attached to your left ankle when you start the swim! (Otherwise we won't be able to get times for your race!)
Triathlon Check List: What To Bring To Every Event

A few suggested items and required items...


  • USAT Membership Card
  • Photo ID (REQUIRED to pick up packet)
  • Directions/Course Maps (Bike & Run)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Anti-Chafing Product
  • Towel

Swim Gear

  • Wetsuit (Optional)
  • Swim Cap (Provided in packet)
  • Goggles
  • Spare Goggles
  • Earplugs
  • Swimsuit/ Tri Suit

Bike Gear

  • Bike (bar ends in place)
  • Helmet (MUST be worn at ALL times while on Bike)
  • Bike Shoes (Optional)
  • Socks
  • Bike Gloves (Suggested)
  • Cage(s) and Water Bottle(s)
  • Tire Pump or CO2 Cartridge
  • Patch kit
  • Spare tubes
  • Tools to change tires (tire lever, etc.)

Run Gear

  • Running Shoes
  • Cap/Visor
  • Socks
  • Race belt
Where do I put my numbers and chip?

Make sure you notice the helpful BuDu logo on your packet!

Bib & Chip Placement


Questions regarding the swim portion of the triathlon.

I have never competed in an open water swim. What should I do?

It is recommended that people new to open water swims start toward the back of the wave. After a good amount of people have started, then take off on your swim. This will help you avoid getting kicked and such. Expect to be nervous, but use those nerves to help you swim your best!

Make sure and watch the course direction and site off tall objects that do not move. Normally, we have large orange buoys in the water.

Life guards and water helpers will have noodles for you to use, just raise your arm if you need one.

What is the swim distance?

Please look at specific event fliers for distances.

Can I use flippers or other devices for the swim?

Per USA Triathlon guidelines, you may not use flippers, or other swim aids. A snorkel is not considered a swim aid, as it does not propel you forward, and is acceptable.

How many people will be in my wave?

Waves are assigned differently for each event, based on the number of participants in an age group. We work to keep 60-80 participants in a wave and not go over that 80 number.

Do I have to bring my own swim cap?

BuDu Racing, LLC will provide you with a swim cap. We use swim cap colors to separate the different swim waves.

**If you have a problem with Latex caps, please email: prior to the event to coordinate what you will need to do.

What do I do with my timing chip and bib number during the swim?

You must wear your timing chip on your left ankle during the entire event; otherwise you will not get timed. If you are wearing a wetsuit, the timing chip should be worn underneath.

Please make sure that your timing chip is still on your left ankle after you take off the wetsuit.

Your bib number is not needed to be worn during the swim.

Transition Area

Questions regarding the transition area for a triathlon.

What do I wear?

Besides the possibility of searching in your preferred search engine "what to wear for a triathlon", here are some basic guidelines to help!

  • Always test out your outfit before race day! Take it on a test run!
  • Tri shorts & tri top OR tri suits are convenient to wear during the entire race. With or without a wetsuit, you can just come out of the swim, onto the bike and then the run.
  • Bike shorts can be worn, but the chamois on bike shorts are usually thicker than on tri shorts, therefore it might be a little uncomfortable on the run.
  • Make sure whatever clothing you pick, that it is comfortable and fairly snug fitting - you don't want it flapping around on the bike!
  • Swimsuits are also an option for triathletes. Just add shorts and a t-shirt before you hop on the bike!

Keep in mind that there is no changing area, typically in a sprint and olympic triathlon most people will wear the same thing and just add or subtract a layer.

Where do I rack my bike?

At most events, bikes are racked by bib number, otherwise pick an available spot.

How do I rack my bike?

Bike racks are designed to have 8 bikes on them. The best way to ensure this is to rack your bike with your saddle (front of the saddle should rest on the rack) and bikes should alternate the direction they face.

Can I bring others with me into transition?

Only registered participants are allowed in the transition area.

Is my bike safe in the transition area?

Yes, your bike is safe. On the information sheet you receive prior to an event, the time the transition area will be monitored (people watching who enters) will be posted, normally that is one hour prior to the event. We ask these volunteers to monitor people as they leave with their equipment at the end of the event to ensure the bib number matches the bike number.

(Which means that you need to leave your bike number on your bike until AFTER you leave for the final time and have your bib number with you when you leave transition.)


Questions regarding the bike portion of a triathlon.

Is there place to change after the swim?

Most of our events to do not have an easily accessible changing area, and it would not be recommended that a participant do this. If you are in a wetsuit, just wear what you will use for your bike/run. If you are not in a wetsuit, just pull your cycling shorts on after the swim. Or, just wear your bike gear for the swim.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

YES. BuDu Racing believes in the importance of wearing a helmet at ALL times. This includes riding your bike to and from transition.

**You will be DISQUALIFIED if you are asked more than once to put your helmet on.**

What if my bar end is not plugged?

It is required that every bike have bar ends plugged. You should ensure that your bike is in proper working order prior to the event, however, if you need a bar end plug, please check with a BuDu Racing staff member. Bar end plugs are mandatory because in the event of a crash, if the bar end comes in contact with your leg, you may have a great core sample to provide to a lab.

Can I use my headset during the bike?

NO! For a participants safety, no headsets are allowed.

Is the bike course marked?

Yes! We typically use chalk on the road to mark the course. At any turn, we use orange cones with directional arrows. If you turn at a point without an arrow, you are now on a course of your own (AKA you are lost or disqualified).

**PLEASE NOTE: According to USAT rules, it is the responsibility of the participant to know the course! However! We try our best to mark the course clearly and thoroughly! Also, course maps are available well in advance of the event :-)

Will there be water stations on the bike?

Normally for our sprint and olympic distance triathlons there are no water stations on the bike course.


Questions regarding the run portion of a triathlon.

Can I use my headset during the run?

NO! For a participants safety, no headset are allowed.

Is the run course marked?

Our run courses are marked with chalk and arrows.

**PLEASE NOTE: According to USAT rules, it is the responsibility of the participant to know the course! However! We try our best to mark the course clearly and thoroughly! Also, course maps are available well in advance of the event :-)

Will there be water stations on the run?

Yes! On the run course there are water stations every 1 to 1 ½ miles, depending on conditions during the race.

If I receive an award, will you mail it to me?

No, we do not mail awards. We work hard to post results quickly so that people who can not stay around can get their award. If you are unable to wait until the awards ceremony, please check in at the BuDu Racing trailer and ask about getting your award.

General Interest

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about BuDu Racing, LLC.

How much advance notice do you need for timing events?

It depends on the time of year. From April to September, most of our weekends are already booked. Please email the date you are looking at, and we will let you know our availability.

How did BuDu Racing, LLC get started in this business?

Rory competed in triathlons in the 80s, and then went to cycling, which gave him an idea when he was laid off at Boeing in 2002... promote events. Together, Deanna and Rory completed in Duathlons, with their daughter Jenna watching from a playpen in the transition area. They always joked that we would do a Boo (Jennas nickname)DU, where Deanna would push Jenna in the jogger, transfer her to the bike trailer with Rory, and finish the run with Jenna again in the jogger. This never did happen, but it makes a fun name.

BuDu Racing, LLC promotes 11 multi-sport events, 20+ road cycling events and 6 mountain bike events. They also chip time their own events as well as, over 20 events during the year.

Rory is the course guy, Deanna is the communications and timer gal (we also have some great staff members who help us look good).

To read an article in Outdoors NW click on the following link: Great Story

What is BuDu Racing, LLCs refund policy?

Please review the event flier for the refund policy.

USA Triathlon

Miscellaneous questions regarding USA Triathlon

How do I qualify for USA Triathlon National events

All USAT sanctioned events, including other non-Olympic-distance regional championships, qualify based on the 1st place or top 10% rule. Full qualification details can be found here:



Why do you sanction through USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon is an organization that sanctions events. They also provide comprehensive insurance for participants, volunteers and promoters. Also, there is a standard to events that USAT requires, and we beleive to be a good practice as well.