About BuDu Racing, LLC

BuDu Racing, LLC is truly a family run business. The vision was Rory's back in 2002, when he was laid off from Boeing. He wanted to promote events, and together he and Deanna created BuDu Racing, LLC. Rory was a triathlete in the 80's, and then transitioned to road cycling. Together Deanna and Rory competed in Duathlons, with their daughter Jenna watching from a playpen in the transition area. They always joked that they would do a Boo (Jenna's nickname)DU, where Deanna would push Jenna in the jogger, transfer her to the bike trailer with Rory, and finish the run with Jenna again in the jogger. They did not do this together, but Deanna did a BuDu with Jenna at one of the Duathlon Pacific Raceways event, however Jenna, who was around 4 at the time, was too tired to complete the final run, so Deanna got Derrick Howlett to ride in the jogger taking Jenna's place. BuDu promotes more than 40 events, with the multisport, running, road cycling and mountain bike events. BuDu is hired to chip time over 85 in a year.

Rory is the course guy. Deanna is the communications and timer gal. There are more than 10 people (some family, some friends) who work for BuDu in different functions, on a part time basis, who help make BuDu look good.