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Tentative Schedule WSMTB-Work Safe Access-Port Gamble Trails
Sunday - April 03, 2022
Start Time:
Port Gamble Trails

 COVID-19 Event Protocol

Please note that we are still paying attention to guidance from the State regarding Covid protocol for events. 

We will ask the following of all participants:

  1. If you are sick, or have any of the following symptoms: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, diarrhea, that you NOT participate
  2. If you have been in close physical contact (6 feet or closer) with a person know to have confirmed case of COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19, that you NOT participate
  3. DO NOT spit or blow your nose (snot rocket) while on course, or around others
  4. Mask MUST be worn pre and post event (you must bring your own)
  5. At all times you MUST maintain social distancing whenever possible, and pass quickly while on course
  6. There will be NO day of race registration for any events, however, we will work with participants who register and are not able to participate when giving appropriate notice. Part of this is also due to not having as many available staff members.
  7. Per years past you will NOT be allowed to pre-ride the course the morning of, unless it is done prior to the first event start time. This is to allow all riders the same opportunity to have thier race.
  8. Some events will be a time trial start, and some will start based on age group and category
  9. As a COURTESY to other riders, we ask that all participants NOT block riders, since no one will be starting at the same time, and there may be riders of all categories on the course at the same time

***Also, please do not put us in the position of having to police your behaivor. Please follow the protocol. Thank you.***

 Online Registration Links

Online registration is available until 4pm the Saturday before the event at the following link, and is the ONLY way to register as of right now we have not decided if we will open day of race registration:

Register for the Port Gamble Trails Event: BikeSignUp
To register for Series Pass (all 8 events available through 1/22/22 @ 4pm) or 5 Pass (available through 2/12/22 @4pm): BikeSignUp

 Directions - Uplands

Edmonds/Kingston Ferry Schedule

Seattle/Bainbridge Ferry Schedule

Directions from Kingston (assuming you rode the ferry): 

1. Exit Ferry and continue straight onto WA-104 W
2. Following Ferry Traffic, turn right at NE East 1st St, go 0.3 Miles
3. Turn right at WA-104 W, go 3.7 mi
4. Turn right to stay on WA-104 W, go 3.3 mi
5. Turn left onto Parking Area (This area is .4 miles South of Pope Street. If you turn the sharp left turn on Hwy 104, you have gone too far.)

Directions Driving North on Hwy 16 and WA 3

1. From North Hwy 16 head to West Gig Harbor/Bremerton
2. Hwy 16 becomes WA 3 North in 27 miles
3. WA 3 becomes WA 104 in 25 miles
4. Stay right at Hood Canal Bridge on WA104 for 1 mile to Port Gamble
5. Continue south on WA-104 E, go 0.4 mi 6.Turn right onto Event Grounds
6. Turn right onto Parking Area

 About this Event

The West Side Mountain Bike Series has been going on for 16 years! It has grown each year and we are excited for the 2021 series, as we are utilizing more new trails. Come on out and have some fun!!!

 Title Sponsor

Work Safe Access

Our title sponsor is Work Safe Access. Tom Anderson, from Work Safe Access, has been part of the West Side Mtn Bike Series for many years. He was part of the Fres Bar company that many of you fondly remember. At Work Safe Access, they design and manufacture ladders, stairs, railings, and platforms. They are the professionals you call to implement safe access throughout your property.

 Event Sponsor Prizes

Some of our wonderful sponsors are giving cash or certificate prizes for this event!

We have the following prizes:

#1 Welcome RampsBuDu $100 Purse for Cat 1 OPEN Male Category - $50, $30, $20
(with 12 registered participants)

Bayview Bicycle


$100 Purse for Cat 1 OPEN Female Category - $50, $30, $20
(with 6 registered participants)
#3 Welcome Ramps $50 Purse for Cat 2 OPEN Male Category - $25, $15, $10
(with 12 registered participants)
#4 BuDu $50 Purse for Random Category - $25, $15, $10
#5 Ridge Cyclesport $50 Purse for Random Category - $25, $15, $10
#6 Buck's NW $50 Purse for Random Category 3 - $25, $15, $10
#7 Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30 $50 Purse for Random Category - $25, $15, $10


 Registration Information

Event day

We have not decided if there will be Day of Race Registration at these events. It is required that EVERYONE must check in, whether you registered online or have a pass. If you do not check in, you are not considered a participant and may be disqualified.

Registration Prices

Entry Fee

5 Pass
(Not available after 2/28/21)

Series Pass
(Not available after first event)
Adult $33 $150
(save $15)
(save $33)
Under 18 $23 $106
(save $9)
(save $23)
CAT 3 Juniors 11 & Under $18 $80
(save $10)
(save $18)
Prices do not include online registration fee. 

5 Passes are good for all 8 events (as appropriate), this includes the event at series final. Unused passes are not transferable or refundable.

Bike Numbers

We will have a plastic bike number that will have your timing tag on it. It is your responsibility to bring the bike number to each event. If you do not have it, you WILL be charged $5 for a new number, that will be your bike number for the series, unless you change categories.

What do I get with my registration fee?

  • Quick results - posted online as cell reception allows!
  • Age Group Award Medals, 3 Deep (can be up  at next event-not on day of)

 Refund Policy

  • Once you have registered and start riding the course, you are part of the event, NO refunds will be issued once you start the event.
  • If you have pre-registered and need to request a transfer please send an email to Info@BuDuRacing.com at least 24 hours before the start of the event.
  • We trust our participants to be honest in checking their COVID Symptoms, and not participate if one is experiencing any symptoms. BuDu will honor a transfer to anyone who is sick, but an email is required to do this.

BuDu Racing, LLC reserves the right to cancel an event due to issues beyond their control, such as something weather related. BuDu Racing, LLC will do what they can to accommodate each person who has pre-registered by allowing a transfer to another event, when appropriate.

 Start Times, Course Information & Map

Start Times for Port Gamble (Currently scheduled for Category Start, but could change to Time Trial depending on course)

Please review each specific event as there are different start times.

  Cat 3
Age Group and Juniors

Cat 1
OPEN, Age Group
Single Speed, Clydesdale, Athena, Fat Tire
Cat 2 OPEN (Shorter course)

Cat 2
Age Group
Event Length Approx 40 Mins

Cat 1-Approx 75 Mins
Cat 2-Approx 60 Mins

Approx 60 Mins

1 Laps
Jrs 1 shorter Lap (may need to follow signs)

Cat 1 - 3 Laps
Cat 2 - 2 Laps

2 Laps
Check in time

You will check in as you start, unless you need to pick up your bike plate.

Start Time




Please remember that courses are tentative and may be adjusted on race morning.

The lap count is a courtesy, not a guarantee as after the first finisher, everyone else will be finished as well. Course conditions can impact this on either side of the time frame.

After the first finisher in the time slot crosses the finish line, the course will close. Participants will be scored based on how many laps completed and then their finish time.

Course Map

Please remember that courses are tentative and may be adjusted on race morning.Here is an updated course map, very similar to the first one posted below. Here is a GPX link to the course Port Gamble Map 2021. The Junior cutoff remains the same.

Port Gamble Trail Map 2021 rev 03.25.21


Tentative Course 2021 Tentative Junior Course Map 2021
Port Gamble Course Map 2021 Port Gamble Jr Course 2021

 Series Schedule

Please review the specific event on the link below for start times and such.


1/23/22 Swan Creek, Tacoma
2/6/22 Soaring Eagle, Sammamish
2/13/22 Dash Point, Tacoma
2/27/22 Ancient Lakes Sage Brush Scramble, Quincy
3/6/22 Cookin in the Kettles, Fort Ebey (Whidbey Island)
3/13/22 Henry's Ridge, Maple Valley
4/3/22 Port Gamble Trails, Poulsbo
4/10/22 360 Park, Gig Harbor


Category Description (Age Categories are age at end of year)

  • Cat 3 (Beginner) = relatively new to MTB Racing - Age Group Scoring
  • Cat 2 (Sport) = rides comfortably w/ speed - Age Group Scoring
  • Cat 1 (Expert) = Accomplished at MTB - Age Group Scoring
  • Single Speed = riding a bike with one gear
  • Fat Tire = Tire should be 26x4' wide or wider
  • Clydesdale = Men over 210lbs
  • Athena = Women over 160lbs
Self Seeding Categories, includes Cat 3 Age Group, Cat 2 OPEN, Age Group; and Cat 1 OPEN, Age Group; OPEN Single Speed, Fat Tire and Clydesdale/Athena. Age group divisions do not apply to Clydesdale/Athena or Single Speed. Medals are given out at each event 3 deep and for the Series Ending Awards, it is 5 Deep.
Cat 1
OPEN Male and Female - Ages 34 and under, and any other age who wants to participate in this category Any
Age Group - Male and Female 35 to 49
Age Group - Male and Female 50+
OPEN - will ride at the Cat 1 time slot-Scored based on who completes the most laps, and then time
Single Speed  
Clydesdale (men 210lbs or more)/Athena (women 160lbs or more)  
Fat Tire (Tire should be 26x4' wide or wider)  
Cat 2
Middle School - Male and Female (ages 12-14) 12 to 14
High School - Male and Female (ages 15-18) 15 to 18
OPEN Male - Any CAT 2 rider Any
Age Group - Male and Female 19 to 39
Age Group - Male and Female 40 to 49
Age Group - Female 50+
Age Group - Male 50 to 59
Age Group - Male 60+
Cat 3
Elementary - Male and Female (11 and Under) 11 and Under
Middle School - Male and Female (ages 12-14) 12 to 14
High School - Male and Female (ages 15-18) 15 to 18
Age Group - Male and Female 19 to 34
Age Group - Male and Female 35 to 49
Age Group - Male and Female 50+
We will be taking $1 from each registration and adding that to a pool for the series ending payout the bigger the numbers, the bigger the payout. The promoter reserves the right to change categories, places, and prize list based on participation. While this is not a USCF/NORBA event, rules will be enforced. This includes wearing a HELMET at ALL times when on your bike.


 Lapped Riders

If a participant is lapped by the lead rider, you will finish on the same lap as the leader. On the final results it will indicate you are one lap down. The results posted onsite may show a time penalty instead of being down a lap, but will be adjusted for the final results.

 Transfers to a Different Category

Transfers to a different category, which means you are moving up a category, are allowed with points transferring, but must take place before the 6th race. No transfers with points will be allowed after the 5th event. After transferring, in order to be in contention to win a Series Placing, you must have competed in at least 3 of the category events you are placing in. 

If you transfer down a category or lateral within a category, your points will NOT transfer.

You can request to be transferred to a category by emailing Info@BuDuRacing.com or talking with one of the registration staff members.

 Individual Event Awards

We will be awarding medals for First, Second, and Third finishes in each category and division (as appropriate), however, due to COVID-19 guidelines winners can pick up at the following event. You need to pick up your medal, they will not be mailed.

 World Dominator Team Competition

Attn Teams for the West Side Mtn Bike Series:

A team leader needs to be designated, and Deanna needs to know who this is. This Team Leader will report to Deanna (via email), by NOON on the Saturday prior to the event, the 3 participants (including name and bike number -if known, if not Category) of their team members who will be the ones the placing is used for the competition. These people can change for each event, and there is no requirement for which categories the participants have to be in. Should that person actually not participate or not finish, the team gets no points for that entry. The points are based on the finish place, which are the same for all categories. The team at the end of the points series (does not include the last event) with the most points wins the World Dominator Team Competition.

Pick your most reliable 3 members for each race.

World Dominator

 Series Information

Points are awarded to each finisher in each division and category at the completion of each event and are carried over to the next event. The final event will be a stand alone event and will not count towards series points. At the final event we will have the series ending podium ceremony. This way, people can review the results and let BuDu Racing, LLC know ahead of time if there is an issue that needs to be reviewed.

In order to be eligible for season ending prizes, you must participate in 5 of the 8 events. The last event is a stand alone race, with prizes of its own. This will help the series ending awards go more smoothly. If you participate in all 7 events (in the points series), you will receive a series bonus of 15 points. Your accumulative series points will be a composite of your top five event finishes plus the series bonus (as applicable). Each participant who starts an event will automatically receive one point. If you want to change categories, you can, but you will need to remain in that category for the rest of the series (you can not return to the previous category). We have adjusted the series points to stay the same when transferring, as the lower category events have less points. You may not place in the series in more than one category. Ties will be determined by the person who has placed the highest when competing at the same event.

Series ending awards will be presented at the final event. If you are not present to accept your award, it will be your responsibility to make arrangements to receive your award.

Below is the breakdown for placing and points:

Place Cat 1 Points Cat 2 Points Cat 3 Points   Place Cat 1 Points Cat 2 Points Cat 3 Points
1 125 100 75 37 60 35 10
2 120 95 70 38 59 34 9
3 115 90 65 39 58 33 8
4 110 85 60 40 57 32 7
5 105 80 55 41 56 31 6
6 100 75 50 42 55 30 5
7 96 71 46 43 54 29 4
8 92 67 42 44 53 28 3
9 88 63 38 45 52 27 2
10 87 62 37 46 51 26 1
11 86 61 36 47 50 25 1
12 85 60 35 48 49 24 1
13 84 59 34 49 48 23 1
14 83 58 33 50 47 22 1
15 82 57 32 51 46 21 1
16 81 56 31 52 45 20 1
17 80 55 30 53 44 19 1
18 79 54 29 54 43 18 1
19 78 53 28 55 42 17 1
20 77 52 27 56 41 16 1
21 76 51 26 57 40 15 1
22 75 50 25 58 39 14 1
23 74 49 24 59 38 13 1
24 73 48 23 60 37 12 1
25 72 47 22 61 36 11 1
26 71 46 21 62 35 10 1
27 70 45 20 63 34 9 1
28 69 44 19 64 33 8 1
29 68 43 18 65 32 7 1
30 67 42 17 66 31 6 1
31 66 41 16 67 30 5 1
32 65 40 15 68 29 4 1
33 64 39 14 69 28 3 1
34 63 38 13 70 27 2 1
35 62 37 12 71 26 1 1
36 61 36 11 72 25 1 1


 Lodging Information

Address: 19801 7th ave NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370
Phone Number: 360-697-4400
Hotel Amenities include:
Free Wi-Fi
Free Deluxe Hot Breakfast
Free Parking 
14 person Hot Tub
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Please Be Sure To Thank Our Event Sponsors
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