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Northwest Tri and Bike Pacific Raceways Circuit Race Series
Tuesday - August 16, 2022
Start Time:
Pacific Raceways
Event Flyers:


From highway 18 take the 304th Street exit and turn left. Take first right hand turn (entrance to Pacific Raceways), follow signs to registration (approximately 1 mile to the registration area). Parking is available at registration.

 Pacific Raceways Circuit Series powered by:

NW Tri and Bike

 Registration Prices

You will need to purchase a bib number, for $5, and this will be your Series Number. We DO NOT use WSBA numbers, as the different categories have different background colors so we know who is in which group. If you forget your number, you will need to purchase a new  one. EVERYONE MUST WEAR THE BIB NUMBER (PINNED PROPERLY-see courses below where it says which side to pin your bib on) PROVIDED WHEN YOU FIRST REGISTER!! Prices for One Day, 10 Pass and 15 Pass are as follows:


One Day
(through Sunday before event)

One Day
(Monday and Tuesday)
5 Pass 10 Pass 15 Pass
Male Adults $25 $30 $120 $235 $350
Juniors and Women $22 $27 $105 $205 $300
Price does not include online registration fee or SquareUp Fee if using a credit card onsite.

Transfers and refunds of the Passes are not available after you have started participating in the Season. Also, pass holders will be required to register for each event, no exceptions.


 Online Registration

Online registration closes at 2pm on the day of the event.

For this series, you MUST register at the BikeReg

  • If you register for a second event on the same night, it it set to only charge you $10 on the second event, but it has to be at the same time. We will not be refunding after the fact.
  • Women and Juniors can use coupon code Women22 or Junior22, as appropriate, to recieve $3 off online registration.
  • When a parent and minor child are registering coupon code Family22 can be use for $3 off each entry.

Please note, we will be watching how these coupons are used to ensure they are used properly

We will work with someone who registers and is not able to participate. Normally, we wil provide a credit for a future event.

To register for a 5 Pass, 10 Pass, 15 Pass, or a Team Pass, you can do so on BikeReg selecting the Pass Option you are interested in. You will need to register for each event. Please note that the pass is based on a the base event fee of $25/event. If you select to pay for your bib number, that price will come out as well. You can also select the second event (for the same evening) and it will take the $10 off. If you do this it will just use the funds in your pass faster. 


 About This Event

This is a series event. We have the Premier event at 6:45pom which includes CAT 1/2/3, Masters (35+), CAT 4/5 and the 5:30pm which includes Masters (45+) with the Women field scored separately, CAT 4/5. Series points are awarded to the first 5 finishers in each category (Point Per Lap is slightly different). At the end of the season, the riders with the most points win (see below for more information on the series points). Each evening $1 (except the last event of the series) from the registration fee will be add to a cash purse to be given to the top finishers, in the Cat 1/2/3 and Masters categories, depending on the field size. A field less than 20 will payout to the first place finisher and for each 10 riders after the 20 an additional place will be paid out, up to 5 places. At the Premier Event at 6:45pm $1 from the Cat 4/5 category will be combined with the Cat 1/2/3 purse to be paid out. Similarly the 5:30pm Masters 45+ payout will be combined with the $1 from the Cat 4/5. There will not be a nightly cash payout for the Cat 4/5.

Count of
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
<20 100%        
20+ 70% 30%      
30+  60%  30%  10%    
40+ 50% 25% 15% 10%  
50+  40%  25%  15%  10% 5% 

 Series Points

Each night points are awarded to each category for placing. First place will receive 5 points, second place will receive 4 points, third place will receive 3 points, fourth place will receive 2 points, and 5th place will receive 1 point. One point is also give for each prime. For the Series, awards are given out 5 places and include an award and cash. In addition to the placing points, everyone in attendance will receive a nightly participation Series Point and be listed on the results.

 Other Sponsors


Dillanos Coffee

Peak Performance & Prevention

Peak Performance & Prevention
1707 3rd St SE, Puyallup, WA 98372

Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30

Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
231 Burnett Ave N
Renton, WA 98057

Work Safe Access

Work Safe Access
(844) 972-1136

$10 Prime Sponsors for 6:45pm Event

Haley Agency

Haley Agency
Bradlee Haley
20270 Front St NE Ste 101
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Voelkl Skis

Volkl Skis
Gordy Bolstad

$10 Prime Sponsors for 5:30pm Event

LiquidVelo p/b Expeditors

LiquidVelo p/b Expeditors

Taco Time Cycling Team

Taco Time Cycling Team

 Courses (this is a TENTATIVE schedule)

Premier event @ 6:45pm includes:

  1. Cat 1/2/3
  2. Masters 35+
  3. Cat 4/5 (capped at 50)

5:30pm includes (we do reserve the right to combine fields if the numbers are small):

  1. Masters 45+ with Women (scored separately) (if women have a field of 10 they can choose to ride separately)
  2. Cat 4/5

These are the tentative courses for the evenings. The course may change based on weather conditions or other issues.


5:30pm and 6:45pm Courses Side for Bib
3/22 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
3/29 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
4/5 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
4/12 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
4/19 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
4/26 NO RACE   
5/3 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat - Point Per Lap Right
5/10 NO RACE   
5/17 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
5/24 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat - Point Per Lap Right
5/31 USAC Sanction #5270 - Roll of the Dice Right
6/7 NO RACE  
6/14 NO RACE  
6/21 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat - Point Per Lap Right
6/28 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
7/5 USAC Sanction #5270 - Roll of the Dice Right
7/12 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
7/19 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat - Point Per Lap Right
7/26 NO RACE  
8/2 NO RACE  
8/9 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right
8/16 USAC Sanction #5270 - Roll of the Dice Right
8/23 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat - Point Per Lap Right
8/30 USAC Sanction #5270 - Flat Right


 USA Cycling Sanctioned Nights

  • All events are USAC Sanctioned
  • All riders will complete a USA Cycling Waiver Online
  • All riders who start the event will be listed for results posted to USAC, providing they do not quit the event. BuDu will work to score at least 10 deep on the finish for all events, however for the Event Series, scoring is 5 deep as usual
  • USAC Upgrade Points will be calculated as a Circuit Race, not a Road Race. All categories may earn upgrade points within the parameters allowed in the USAC rulebook. Number of points varies by field size.  You may contact wsbainfo@gmail.com with specific questions or concerns regarding upgrades.

 Point Per Lap Night Information

  • 1st Lap does not count for points (neutral lap)
  • Lap points awarded for evening points is 2 points to 1st place, 1 point for 2nd place
  • Primes are good for series point equal to 2 points to first place, 1 point for second place on the lap, as well as evening points
  • Final lap is 3 deep (3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd, for the evening points
  • Evening points are totaled to determine the top 5 finishers in each category

Results posted to USA Cycling is based on overall finish order, not point placing, which are for the BuDu series only

 Team Punch Cards

Teams can register for a Team Pass on BikeReg, using the Pass Option at the top of the screen. Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent with a code to be distributed to team members. Also, the purchaser has the ability to view the amount remaining. The only issue is that if someone registers and selects a bib number, or multiple events on one night, that fee will be taken out as well, so you will need to tell your team members to not purchase the bib number when they register, they can just pay the $5 when they check in.

 Refund Policy

  • On event days, once you have registered and start riding the course, you are part of the event. NO refunds will be issued once you start the event. 

BuDu Racing, LLC reserves the right to cancel an event due to issues beyond their control, such as something weather related. BuDu Racing, LLC will do what they can to accommodate each person who has pre-registered by allowing a transfer to another event, where appropriate.

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